Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Die Qual der Wahl

Die EU-Wahl interessiert nur ein Viertel der Deutschen – zwei von diesen sind aber das komplette Open Europe Berlin Team.  Und die anstehende Wahl hat uns tatsächlich zu Einigem bewegt. Für diejenigen von Ihnen, die auch zu diesem Viertel EU-Wahl-Interessierten gehören – eine Übersicht der Informationen, die für Ihre Entscheidung morgen wichtig sind:

Vor der Wahl

Die Parteien vor der EU-Wahl: Wofür stehen sie eigentlich?

Warum überhaupt wählen?

Die Europawahlprogramme der deutschen Parteien (von links nach rechts):

1. "Europa geht anders": Das EU-Wahlprogramm von Die Linke

2. Europa eine neue Richtung geben: das Europawahlprogramm der SPD

3. Bündnis 90/Die Grünen: Eine Erneuerung der Europäischen Union

5. Das Europawahlprogramm der FDP: „Das braucht unser Europa

6. Mut zu Deutschland. Für ein Europa der Vielfalt“. Das EU-Wahlprogramm der Alternative für Deutschland

Und in Europa: Europäische „Parteifamilien“ am Beispiel Berlusconi

Pan-europäische Demokratie auf dem Prüfstand 

Die Spitzenkandidaten 

Wofür sie stehen: Juncker oder Schulz? „Das kann ich besser“: Das Spitzenkandidaten-Quiz 

Nach der Wahl

Europawahl und große Koalitionen: „Inhalte überwinden“?

Alternative Lösungen: Freiwilligkeit und Flexibilität

Und falls all das nicht aufschlussreich war: Der Wahl-O-Mat der BPB  

1 Kommentar:

  1. You forget to mention one important trend here: simply the rapidly increasing number of voters that has had it with everything EU. It is however a much stronger trend in a lot of other countries than in Germany.

    Anyway these people are simply not longer interested in policies or leaders (allthough the current bunch of candidates confirms again all the negatives), but are simply against the EU as awhole.
    A lot of these as part of being fed up with traditional politics, politicians and political parties all in general, but also a group simply fed up with only the EU.

    This is not longer a rational process (it hardly ever is under normal conditions with the fast majority, nearly always a mix most of the time with more emotion than rationality) , but here emotion has nearly completely taken over and as said earlier they are simply fed up.

    The issue is you donot correct this with changing policies. The EU basically needs a major overhaul or simply to abolish the whole thing alltogether. If not, you simply will have lost this part of the population for the foreseeable future. And as this part is rapidly growing the EU is likely to run straight into an existensial crisis.
    Unlike countries the EU is simply not a necessity in the eyes of many and definitly the EU in its present form isnot.

    This is a point on which most media and commentators like yourself simply miss the point.
    Just look at this post it is basically completely rational.
    While the protestvote 'market' is simply mainly emotional and acts therefor differently.
    The traditional political landscape is more rational. But still by far not as much as one would conclude from eg your articles. Schultz as a person is a complete no go, simply a liabilitiy in say the UK also in the traditional market. A force that is probably as strong as all the rational programm policies together.

    My point is you will never get on top of this process while acting like basically all the traditional media (rational with the appropriate party preference spin).
    They simply eg miss completely that calling people implicitly fruitcakes doesnot bring them back to traditional parties. Calling Farage's dog racist for a basically complete BS reason and hope that it reflects negatively on the party is simply counterproductive.

    So more emotion, but as a fact by you as observer of that emotion.
    Realise there are basically 2 markets now that act differently in this respect: the traditional market and the protestmarket.
    Realise you need very likely the protestvote (directly or indirectly (via pressure on the traditional parties)) to make change/reform happen. This is putting the pressure on the kettle and nothing else.