Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Cameron’s speech (I); some sensible voices and expectations from Berlin and London. Von Michael Wohlgemuth

This is not the place and time to comment on “ungehaltene Reden” (the German word “ungehalten” has the charming double meaning: untold or not yet held; but also: indignant). Although it remains unclear just how much will be left unsaid or unleaked: a good track-record of #thespeech can be found here

So much anxiety about one political speech on Europe would be very unusual in German politics. And there might be reasons beyond my feeling that there is no good German word for “keynote-speech” (as there seems to be no good English word for “Schadenfreude” or “Ordnungspolitik”  – and, as an aside: no French word for “entrepreneurship” …).

Anyway, all those who are eagerly awaiting #thespeech might want to have a look at very much related speeches in order to at least whet their appetite:  

·         Lord Leach joined us on Friday (and was grounded on his way back to London by local and preliminary UK-EU cooling which is now held as prove of global warming) for an international academic conference at Berlin’s Humboldt University on the future of the EU  We will bring videos of the whole conference with German, Swiss and Polish academics online very soon. Lord Leach gave a short interview on #thespeech that you can already find here: where Lord Leach expects that the speech will come as “a pleasant surprise” to “sensible”Europeans. For a more detailed written presentation see his article in the Times: 
·         Another speech of Liam Fox MP is on the same Open Europe youtube-site with more detailed (and perhaps more radical) views: One of his strong arguments are that the EU today is no longer the same as the one the UK once joined and supported (and I might add: it is no longer the same EU that the Germans have thought it should be, based on principles of “Ordnungspolitik”, “Subsidiarität”, “Wettbewerb” and “Eigenverantwortung”): 
·         Finally, youtubers in waiting for #thespeech might also like to watch speeches of Greg Hands MP, Lord Leach and Yours Truly given in London a few weeks ago:

As I hear, #thespeech could already happen tomorrow. And I am sure that not only the British but also the German media will pay close attention. From a German perspective here is just one (longer) line that I would like to hear in #thespeech (and that will hopefully somehow be echoed by our Chancellor Merkel):

·         “core Europe” is based on reasonable, democratic, transparent “integration from below”: based on the four basic freedoms of European citizens: free movement of goods, services, capital and labour; the single market is still far from being “completed”; and: the single currency has not unified the single market, but it has rather caused disintegrating political tensions and economic disequilibria; and: the UK is an indispensable part of the historical, cultural and legal “core” of Europe and the European Union – and thus should remain an ally also of Germany. For the sake of “Ordnungspolitik” and all the rest mentioned above … and here (inGerman)

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